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Rubber stamps come in a variety of styles. The most common styles are:

  • Traditional

  • Self-Inking

  • Pre-Inked

Traditional rubber stamps are a good value for the money. They are usually designed with wooden bases and handles and rubber heads. You can order a custom rubber stamp with your own custom information select from stock phrases like “Approved,” “Draft” or “Paid” on them for business use. You will need to purchase an ink pad to go along with a standard rubber stamp. Black and red are the traditional ink colors, but other colors are available.. A traditional rubber stamp tends to be the least expensive option and a great choice for infrequent use.

A self inking stamp, as the name implies, does not need a separate ink pad. The rubber die carrying your message strikes a built-in ink pad each time an impression is made. The stamp and the ink pad are self-contained so there are no worries about inky fingers. Self-inkers will make hundreds of impressions before the ink pad needs to be re-inked. Refilling is a simple process of accessing ink portals in the stamp case and filling with special ink. Self-inking stamps are are good for repetitive stamping tasks.

Pre inked stamps also eliminate the need for a separate ink pad. In this case, the ink resides within the stamp’s surface. The ink is transmitted to the paper through microscopic pores in the rubber. This also prevents leakage. A pre-inked rubber stamp has a reservoir that can be refilled similar to the self-inking. Pre-inked stamps are good to use when you have many impressions to make, such as mass mailings, check endorsements, etc. A pre-inked stamp often provides the best quality impression.

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